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Villanova Baketball Concept


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when i saw the nfl sigs with abbreviations on this board, i thought i should make uniforms for teams who are commonly called by their nickname. i chose villanova first because i related it to the "PHILA" jerseys worn by the sixers (for those that don't know, nova is near philly). in these concepts i changed the script and made an alternate that i would ony use as a fashion jersey i also pieced together a new logo-the nova over the scratch marks, and changed the color of the wildcat to make it look more fearsome. UPDATE 1


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Nova plays at the Pavillion, not the Palestra.

He's a Redskins fan, which means he's probably not from the area. In that case, I'll let him slide without too much of a beating. :P

I love this look because it fuses the classic look and the new style with the red/purple color. That paw swipe logo is slick, and the blue wildcat is rather nice (or so I say that now, heh).

I'd only tweak two things:

1) Add a little bit of red to the home, if only for continuity purposes, although it does look fine the way it is, and

2) Maybe squish the number font horizontally a little bit if you can. That way, it won't look like the numbers are taking up the whole back of the uniform.


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Interesting take on Villanova's uniform sets.

Just so no one's thinking this is Northern Virginia, or Nova Southeastern on the court, perhaps adding an apostrophe can clear things up (ie 'NOVA).

The most recent design that Nike's done for Villanova is what I consider to be their best yet. It contains none of the purplish-maroonish-red that was creeping into Villanova concepts since they came up with the primary they introduced during the Kerry Kittles era. That was probably when Villanova was at its tackiest, and they have seemed to gradually scale back on the gaudiness ever since.

And they shouldn't ever abandon the split numbers, which they did early in the Jay Wright era.

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Ooh... no.

There's not much to like about this, and compared to what they have, this is a HUGE step backwards.

1. The school colors are navy and white. Carolina blue and magenta have no place in VU's look, and judging by what they're wearing now, I'd say the school realized that.

1a. The court's main color is one that's not a school color? No navy anywhere besides the center logo?

1b. The cathead logo - again with the Carolina blue? Iwouldn't say that's more fearsome - it looks like someone spilled a blue raspberry Slurpee on him.

2. The split-number font they use now works far better than recycling the Blue Jays' first number font.

3. The lettering font they use now matches up with their numbers. This one doesn't; the numbers are very round, the letters very angular. Lots of bad contrast.

3a. Your "NOVA" is very uneven... thick N, thick O, thick V... tapering thin A.

4. A "V" on the thigh of the home shorts, but not on the road or the alternate shorts.

Sorry, but I'd say "pass" to these. 3 generations of my family are VU grads, and I spent huge portions of my childhood on campus, so I look with a more critical eye. I love the school, and I love their current look. This doesn't pass muster.

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