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Youngstown Steelhounds Special Jerseys


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The Youngstown Steelhounds (CHL) wore these special jerseys this past Friday in honor of "Community Heroes Night." They're pretty awful:


Just for comparison, the Steelhounds' regular jerseys can be seen on the team shop website:


First post with links, I apologize in advance if they don't work.

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The "steel" part of the name is for local flavor. Youngstown, which is right between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, has a rich heritage in the steel industry. The "hound" part is anyone's guess. One possibility is that the whole name "SteelHounds" is meant to be some sort of compromise between the Steelers and the Browns (Dawgs), as Youngstown is split about 50/50 between Pittsburgh and Cleveland fans. Also, it sort of rhymes with Youngstown.

Oddly enough, the name of the area's local NYPL baseball team, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, also pays tribute to the steel industry ("scrapper" was one of the jobs in the mills), and also features a dog head in the logo. The logo is on Chris's main site.

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