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Florida State Concept


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Can't say I am behind this. At all.

Maroon numbers on maroon jersey looks really poor. No contrast. Try gold or white numbers.

Rounded, italicized numbers with upright, serifed lettering font. Again, bad idea.

Logo beneath the collar, in the front? Why? The school's name is right beneath it. This doesn't look like the Nike Elite jerseys where there's a small logo in the V of the V-neck. This looks like a bad ripoff.

Contrast coloring in the front of the crotch only? Looks like someone peed themselves.

Nope... not at all. Sorry.

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The spear on the shorts works really well, but the "Florida State" is a little small. Maybe put Florida above the numbers, State below the numbers, and then make the numbers a little smaller. Keep working with it, I think this could eventually work. :D

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Shorts are much much better (though the gold panels at the crotch are still distracting - and do you want the viewers' eyes directed to dude crotch?) with the spear.

Jerseys are better, but the light-colored spear running behind the light-outlined-in-light numbers makes for poor legibility. I like the previously-mentioned idea of putting "FLORIDA" above the numbers and "STATE" below. Or try just "FSU" like you have on the shorts. Either way, as it is now, your lettering will be lost in the players' armpits.

Good progress, though...

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