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colts new wordmark


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I've seen that on a high school site - but it was red.

I don't know if the Original Baltimore Colts used that letting, but I have seen it used before. <_<

I made one like that in my alternate logos project, I don't know if Devin has ever seen it:


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I knew it looked familiar.

I like it OK I guess. My main suggestion would be to get rid of the nailholes on the "OLTS". It makes the whole thing look overdone. Leave the holes for the "C", which is the only thing resembling a horseshoe. The way Chief did his (but I do like the rest of the wordmark in the current style). For a team as traditional as the Colts are, it comes off a little gimmicky, but it could work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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