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Colts logo concept


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I like that. A lot. I'd even go so far as to say that's one of the best concepts I've seen on these boards.

I wouldn't want to see that on the helmets. But there's no reason why the Colts couldn't use that, or something like that, as their primary or secondary logo. They wouldn't have to give up tradition to go with something like that. After all, remember the old Baltimore Colts logo?

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Nice logo. I actually like it better as the logo for Cal Poly SLO, though.

Yeah, seriously.


If you're gonna take a logo from somewhere else, at least credit them.

Dang, Barnes busted someone again(remember the De Paul Kids club logo?)


2013/14 Tanks Picks Champion

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Yo barns,

I never took credit for this logo, I was just fooling around with differant Ideas. I just said I think the Colts need to get away from the Baltimore tradition and put two logos together. In the future I will better define what I'm doing...Chill out

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