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New nhl jerseys!


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Excellent use of the poll. A pool of options that is limited so that all members of the class can be included, and one that is relevant to the topics of the board.

This is why polls shouldn't be banned. Well, this and for contest voting.

Well done Foolio8ca... now just don't get too poll-happy. :;):

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I'm not really surprized. There are a few people who are fans of Minnie's third (myself incuded, thought I voted for teh Bluejackets) amd to be honest they aren't that bad (Christmas Trees!)

I'm interested to see how many votes Dallas gets. They did so good with their green alternates four years ago (current home)

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i like minnys, and columbus' but i prasie calgray for going back to the oldschool black C.

my votes for the flames

Proud owner of the Utah Pioneers of the Continnental Baseball League.



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