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My florida panthers concept


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IMO, the Panthers have the lamest jerseys in the NHL. The logo is still great, and the colour scheme is still somewhat unique in the league.

(C/P) Y'all know the drill

Panthers Home (the dark one is the home right?)

Panthers Away

I'd like to think that my concepts are high quality... please... your comments would be great! Thanx!

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Well, in this case it's a little closer to USA Hockey than the Sharks, but still.  I don't think this design would really work for them.

Florida has a great logo, and if they'd give up their lame navy blue jersey, they'd currently actually have a decent set of jerseys.

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I think these look fine. I was expecting something radical. Glad you kept the logo. Too many people want to make it a black panther like Carolina and that's not what this team is about. The logo is truly the endangered Florida panther.

As for the overall design, I'm no hockey nut, so I notice the striping is different and that's about it. Guess that's a big deal, but all things equal, I'd rather they just go back to being red at home.

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