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Bucs concept helmet on ebay?


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I collect the Full Sized Rawlings NFL helmets from the 60's - 80's, so I keep an eye on ebay helmets. This one has soared to over $400. I realize it is a clear-shelled Kelley helmet, which makes it valuable to some... but passing it off as a Bucs helmet? Is this some sort of long lost prototype? I can't imagine a professional franchise considering such a logo.

Anyone have insight into this logo or is it just a HS helmets being pimped by someone who is either ignorant or devious?

Vintage Tampa Bay Bucs Helmet


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I knew I had never seen the logo before nor had I seen any Bucs prototypes with the exception of the original Bucco Bruce prototype, which was a hand painted prototype on a white helmet with no facemask which now resides in the Pro Football HOF.

Unfortunately I figured that as soon as I came out and said "this helmet is being misrepresented" someone would recognize it as an obscure prototype. Wow... for once I was right. My day is made.

It also appears that someone let him know he was wrong about the helmet as it has been relisted and the bid had gone down from $420 to under $50. The reference to Tampa Bay has also been removed.

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