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Washington capitals home concept


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I agree that the Caps should go back to some form of red, white and blue, but I also think they need to ditch that crest.  I prefer less busy designs.  The subtle touches of gold aren't bad, however the color scheme you have here, albeit a good one,  is very similar to Atlanta's (he says shuddering and still aghast at the 8-4 whipping the Blues took in Dixie on Tuesday).  The dark red numbers on the dark blue jersey might be hard to see as well.  The Sen's ditched red on black in their second season and the Stars got rid of their green on black scheme fairly early on as well.  With the advent of bigger arenas, hence more seats further away from the ice, teams generally go with a very bright color on the colored backgrounds so the numbers are more easily seen from everywhere.  Well, that's my theory anyway.

With some tweaking of the colors it's a good effort.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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