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Who will win the NBA Finals First


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As a right now the Dallas Mavericks. Utah Jazz had a championship team at the wrong time (The Jordan Era). The Mavs Team is championship team now during a period where anyone can win it.

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No Cuban is a great fans guy he actually acts like a fan and tahts whats refreshing about him, though sometimes it comes off bad, he just gets emotional becuase he cares so much. He treats his palyers well and does allot of things for fans.

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Yea. I live in Utah and everone here is a Jazz fans :wacko:. I'm a nuggets fan.

your pathetic. jk. I think the Jazz can win it, in a few years.

Oh by the way, the jazz will win the division this year!

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I think the Mavs have a good shot next year, Jazz have a while to go bfore they are in contention again.

actually, I think the Jazz are gonna surprise some people this year...that roster is stacked


PF-Boozer, Paul Millsap

SF-Kirilenko (sp?), Ronnie Brewer

SG-Harpring, CJ Miles (the next Kobe, i swear it)

PG-Williams, Brown

all those guys are pretty darn good and young too

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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