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SEC Gridirons


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Here's my thoughts on what the football fields in the SEC should look like! There are not a lot of changes to some and others are quite drastic. By the way, it iis not as crisp and clear a display as many others post, but ms paint is the best i can do. Here you go:


nothing changed much here except that studid 'A' at midfield. the circle looks much better, but you can't change too much...it is alabama


i added the hog at midfield and changed the endzone font up a bit. its clean and traditional


i've always felt this wordmark and the tiger would make a great looking endzone

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the only change here is the endzone font. the other just seemed boring and didn't match their look. the basketball and baseball teams have incorporated the wordmark well, so why not football


georgia has always bothered me with a boring field. i think this is something different but still traditional enough for them


this field has more blue than the current one, and the endzone font matches what is on the baseline at rupp arena. big improvement in my opinion

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this is the field that lsu should have never left. the endzones are classic, and the alternating colored borders around the endzone are great


maroon endzones with an italicized font, a MAROON logo at midfield, and a bit of a shadow on the yard line markers. this is a great field


i won't EVER say anything good about these people

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carolina already has a great field and a great logo, so the only thing i really changed was the paint in the endzone...i'm still questioning whether i should have changed anything


i did change one thing...every school should have the thick white border all the way around the field. ut does now


gotta love the gold

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This is an excellent job. Nothing too out of the ordinary or unrealistic. The only problems that I have are Mississippi State is MISS. STATE on the endzone. Maybe just BULLDOGS on both? And for Florida, the midfield F doesn't match the wordmark. Unfortunately I can't think of something better to put there besides the gator head.

Also, thank you for making these look good, even if they are in Paint. I'm seen so many :censored:ty paint jobs, I began to forget one could do something worth looking at.

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