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Milwaukee Brewers Concept


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In reading the upgrade/downgrade thread in the Sport Logos Forum I came up with this idea for the Milwaukee Brewers. What I did is take a little of something from the different eras of the Brewers uniforms. Here's what I did.

-Kept the current colors and logos because they were the best to relate to the actual team name.

-The numbers and player names are the Germanic font they used in the 90's with the current colors. This was done because they relate to the city itself and they are better than the Times New Roman that they currently use.

- Pinstripes for the home uniform were taken from the ball and glove era because that is the only thing salvageable from that era.

-Finally, Barrelman is sleeve patch because he is just great. I put him up there with the swigin friar.

As for the uniforms they are based off the current although I added a bit more piping because they are a bit too plain currently. I also added Milwaukee on the roads.


Click for Larger View

A big thanks to Alouettesfan who provided me with the germanic font.

Comments and criticism welcomed.

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Couple of suggestions/random thoughts:

The piping on the away jerseys seems to be at odds with the sleeve and pants striping. You may want to decide on one or the other. I'm kind of surprised at how well pinstripes turned out on the home uniforms, usually it's been a dismal failure when applied to the Brewers current identity. As for the Barrel Man, while I don't mind it as much as I might have before, I still contend that it's a bit unbalanced to use as a sleeve patch. Maybe you should consider encircling it like they did back in the day. It seems to make it look less diagonal. You may also want to consider using it on the alternate only (sort of like the Padres do with the Swinging Friar).

All in all, solid work.

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Not sold on the pinstripes, and I think the barrelman would be best used solely on the alt like the Padres. But, the number font is much better, and the Milwaukee road script is a huge improvement.

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Awesome job! These look AMAZING, especially using the Milwaukee script on the road jersey. The only thing I would change is the neck piping along the blue jerseys. The sleeves have a a gold stripe with a white outline, but the neck has only the gold stripe. Also, the pinstripe pants look out of place on it as well. But great job overall!

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Instead of making a new thread I'll add this one to this thread. This is a Tampa Bay Rays concept. The problem with the Rays now is that theri color scheme is too dark, the dark green, blue, and black blend together. So in order to give it some pop I changed the blue to orange and eliminated the black altogether (made the ray dark green). This gives the Rays a dark green orange scheme which is unique to professional sports. The color scheme also fits in with their Florida location. In addition I eliminated the vest jerseys they currently have and eliminated the stingray that they have on their home script.


Click for Larger view

Comments and criticism welcomed as always. Can a mod please change the topic title to "MLB Concepts" with a subtitle of "Brewers and Rays"? Thank you.

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When I saw the subtitle "a mixing of the eras", I started frothing uncontrollably at the mouth. People who haphazardly cut & paste their way through a team's history without regard for how the elements they've chosen work in a common design is my biggest pet peeve among the so-called "concepts" that get slapped up here with disturbing speed and frequency.

You, sir, have proven that there is an exception to every rule. Not ALL mix & match jobs suck. I really, really like this one. Thank you for taking the time to put a considerable amount of thought into selecting and using elements and making them work together. Everything works well - from recoloring BBM to fit with the navy/metallic gold scheme, to adding a little bit of the '90s with the German-style font for player numbers.

I'm not a fan of the home pinstripes, but that's a minor gripe. Bravo!

The Rays set is nice, although with all the new warm colors, it could take the nickname in another direction - away from sea creatures, and toward sun rays. Just a thought...

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