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Nike MLB baseball cleats


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I'm looking to buy a new pair of baseball cleats, and being sick of the newer Nike cleats, I want to buy the same kind that a lot of major leaguers use today. For some reason though, I have been unsuccessful in my search to find a new black pair of these online. Any help would be appreciated!





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I love the older style of Nikes. They went and got rid of the really sweet soocer cleats in favor of the more streamlined futuristic style, and the same thing is now happend with the baseball.

As far special ordering for the athletes, Broncos K Jason Elam had a set of Nike Premier Tiempo soccer shoes made a couple of years after Nike quit producing the year-specific model that he liked wearing. So there is precedent. If a vet asks for somethign like this ("I've worn these shoes for x years and I just want to keep wearing them"), they'll break out the molds and specially produce a few pairs.

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