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End of an era

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With the Championship of the Little League World Series being postponed to tomorrow night on ESPN2, what was effectively a reality on February 6 became a fact today. After 50 years on the air, ABC Sports unceremoniously ceased to exist. Starting on Saturday, every sports program on ABC will be identified by the brand "ESPN on ABC." The rain-pelted production truck door, enscribed "October 23, 1957*-August 27, 2006," served as the sole eulogy to the department of Dizzy Dean, Jim McKay, Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell, Chris Schenkel, and Al Michaels; of Wide World of Sports, Monday Night Football, the NCAA Football Game of the Week, Monday Night Baseball, the Indianapolis 500, the Triple Crown, and the Open Championships; of Roone Arlidge. That's it: no video montage, no tribute of any kind. Just a cryptic comment from Brent Mussberger about drawing the curtain on ABC and raising the curtain on ESPN. Some may say that's irrelevant, since there will still be sports on ABC. But what we'll get is ESPN over the airwaves. The last thing this world needs is more ESPN.

*I might've misread that date. If anyone knows better, please correct me.

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I still dont quite understand why they are doing this. ABC shoudl wnat to carry its own banner advertise its own network and promote itself. I understand the cross ownership but it does not do the rest of the ABC Network any good.



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No they ought to use three networks...ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC so they can get the game from more angles than one would ever need. I'm sure ESPN2 will just be a split screen of the cameras stuck on the stands. ESPN will cover the dugouts while ABC covers the game itself.

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