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Part of a class assignment I have is to research companies that could employ me if I were to get my "dream job". I thought, "what a better place to start researching than the boards?" I tried doing a couple searches, but all i found was Gameplan, and we know how that goes. So anybody that can help, whether it is just spurting off a couple of companies that created their favorite teams identities, or if it is a website list, and all the way to helping me get in contact with these companies to do some more research. anything helps, and everything is greatly appreciated.

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One of the best is Adreline based in Denver. However, they are not hiring right now.

If I could venture to say this - and I'm sort of an old timer (in my 40's), and a graduate of the MBA "factory" at New York University (now there's a nickname we all love - the Violettes, a.k.a the Bobcats - both totally lame), there is so much talent on this board, and a lot of smarts, that I think Chris Creamer, Roger Clemente and others (who I have never met nor exchanged emails with) could probably do as good of a rebranding, repackaging job as any out there.

I would also venture to say that besides rebranding and logos, that a bunch of you are smart enough to band together and find synergies within the corporate world and devise new strateiges to sell the product and game.

As some of you know, I have a website that covers NFL Europe and that is probably one of the most difficult sells in the world given the dynamics of the marketplace as well as fan reaction to polices of the league. While I'm trying my best to work outside the confines of the present structur (I talk to players and fans on almost a daily basis), my feeling is that you don't even need seed capital to start this venture.

Here's a good strategy. On the board last night I saw a thread about the worst hockey logos of all time. If they are that bad (think Trashers), then they will not sell in the community. Ditto with AF2 teams.

As we are all fans, I would think that we all have our fingers on the pulse of what we'd like to see and what needs to be done.

If any of you have ideas, now is the time to do it. The economy is just right, minor league sports has exploded, and internationalization is the name of the game. If a team was formed (and I mean people on this board) and you approached a team and they said no, so what? You move on. That's how successes are made.

Look at some of the specific areas a talented group of people can help. Here's a problem for you. Middle Tennessee State, former OVC member and current member of the Sunbelt conference is doing a "Florida State" and "Fresno State" - scaling up their schedule- Alabama, etc. Think they don't want to be in the SEC some day (most logical choice is Conference USA). How would you rebrand them? Put Mufresboro (a suburb of Nashville) on the map? Secondly, with the NFL angling for a game at Wembley (most likely the Bucs), and the English turned off to football after the Monarchs crashed and burned, how would you sell the game? How would you brand it? There are numerous opportunities out there to make a difference. You have the talent, folks, use it!

If you guys want to do this, I'll volunteer to help you any way I can.

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thanks everyone for your input, jpslapshot, that website was a big help, i went to every link on there and found some pretty respectable companies that do awesome work. i think i have a good basis for my research now, but any more help would be great. thanks again

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