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Removing a nameplate


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Recently I bought an avalanche selanne jersey, the nameplate is made to look sewn on, but it clearly isnt. there are even fake stitches on it to look sewn. If you look at it you would think its swen on but whun you touch it, it is a different story.

Any idea how to remove this type of name plate without ruining the jersey? the sale jerseys at www.greatskate.com are like this too.

I want to change a selanne to a woltski



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Sounds like the fake stitch that has become quite popular here in the UK, we don't touch the stuff as it has a tendency to come off when washed a few times especially if the jerseys are game worn! These style of nameplates are heat pressed on and use an adhesive glue so getting it off is going to be a problem, we have a spray that melts the glue but is very dangerous when using and does leave a ghost effect where the glue was.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, sorry.



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I've had some luck removing things from jerseys that were tacked in place with a light adhesive and then sewn on, but things are glued on as a primary means of keeping on the jersey are an entirely different matter.

I would take it to a dry cleaner or jersey customizer near you and explain what you want to do. They will proabaly have some experience and favorite adhesive removers they know to work "better". Notice I didn't say "all the time". At least in this case you want to add a new name onto it, so the person customizing it can cover up any glue residue with a new nameplate.

The one and only place I've ever seen offer this kind of service is regular forum favorites Exclusive Pro Sports.


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