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Team Canada

commander cody13

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This is my olympic canadian jersey :flagcanada:




I like the simple maple leaf logo. That said, these could use some work.

For such a simple logo I would go with a more traditional striping pattern. I would also lose the silver from the black uniform, just use red and white as trim on the black set. Also, lose the olympics patch on the shoulder. Teams never feature the Olympic logo as part of the actual uniform. If you want to keep it as a patch, go ahead, but find something else to put on the shoulders. Maybe something as simple as the Canadian flag?

Finally, pick either the red or black pants, not both. Teams don't use two sets of pants in hockey. If you go with the red set, replace the silver stripes with white.

One last thing-swith the colours of the leaf on the red sweater so it's white with a black outline.

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I would do the traditional striping but since they are using the form fitting jerseys they wouldn't work

But you're using a traditional template. So either use traditional stripes, or use a Swift jersey template, so we can truly see what you ment your idea to look like.

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I dont like this. I hate the ones they have now but they are much better than this. The logo is too plain and the stripes are awful. Sorry man but it needs alot of work.

I don't think the logo is too plain. I think it's an improvement over what they use now. No one complains about Sweeden's logo being to plain, so I think something like this could work for Canada.

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