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Kitsap Bluejackets Concept


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Hey there,

So i decided for my 2000th post here on the boards i would draw up a little design for your eyes to feast upon, and I'd love your honest comments and criticism.

The Kitsap Bluejackets are a local College Level Baseball team here in town, here is their current look:



Now, the logo for the Bluejackets features a "yellow jacket" made blue. This disturbs me, as the true meaning to "Bluejacket" is someone who is in the navy (and we full of them here in town).


I designed my logo as a sailor's wheel, with a baseball, and found a cool wordmark to go with.

I tried to keep the jersey fairly tame, to keep a classic look. Designed in MS Paint only.

Without further ado, my take on the Kitsap Bluejackets:


Once again, any C&C would be greatly appreciated

And thanks to all who have put up with me for 2000 posts!

:shocked: THANKS! :shocked:

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I agree with sideshowbob about the name on the jersey. Perhaps you should just have "Kitsap" on the road jersey and "Bluejackets" on the home. If you are really concerned about length have "blue" on top and "jackets" on the bottom, but then it's not so confusing. Or maybe just use "Jackets." That would work if that's a name used by the fans. Similar to "Rays" for the Devil Rays.

I'd change the "K" on the cap to white so it's easier to see. The wheel is good, but I'm not "wow-ed" by it. Solid concept overall.

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Are they seriously so cheap that they cant even get a damn yellow K embroidered on their hats?


On 11/19/2012 at 7:23 PM, oldschoolvikings said:
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that's what I was thinkin, bucfan. the first set reminded me of Japanese baseball...like a lot of folks used to think the Nippon Ham Fighters' nickname was "Ham Fighters" (it's simply Fighters, Nippon Ham is their owner), I'd almost be inclined to think this team was the "Kitsap Blue" Jackets and then wonder what the hell the company does :D

cus at least Nippon Ham's straightforward...they're in Nippon (aka Japan) and make ham. ;)

seriously, they can't afford a K on the hats? :rolleyes:


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