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I opened this topic to show all my signatures and wallpaper that I've done so far and the upcoming stuff. You're welcome to give me C&C and to post requests.


Type I

Champions League Semi-Finals:

Chelsea vs Liverpool

ManUtd vs AC Milan

NHL Conference Quarter-Finals:

Buffalo vs Islanders (Slug)

Buffalo vs Islanders (Traditional)

NHL Conference Semi-Finals:

Sabres vs Rangers (Traditional)

NHL Conference Finals:

Sabres vs Senators

Other NHL:

Thrashers - Sabres - Coyotes -Ducks

Maple Leafs & Habs Retro

Maple Leafs & Habs Normal

Maple Leafs & Habs Alternate

Type II

Henrik Lundqvist

Ray Emery

Mats Sundin

Type III

Rick Nash 61

Vincent Lecavalier 4

Ryan Miller 30

Alexander Ovechkin 8

Dion Phaneuf 3

J.-P. Dumont 71

Zach Parise 9

Ray Emery 1

Chris Drury 23

Ilya Kovalchuk 17 Small

Daniel Heatley 15

Daniel Heatley 15 (small)

Ryan Callahan 43

Daniel Girardi 46

Type IV - NHL Legends

Eddie Shore 2

Ed Giacomin 1

Plager Brothers 5 8

Brett Hull 16

Wayne Gretzky 99

Maurice Richard 9

Rod Langway 5 (Old)Rod Langway 5

Type V

Denver Broncos

USF Bulls

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Mets

Type VI

New York Rangers

Type VII *NEW*

Manchester United Home

Manchester United Away

Manchester United Third

Tottenham Hotspur Home

Tottenham Hotspur Away

Tottenham Hotspur Third

Tottenham Hotspur Anniversary

FC Barcelona Home

FC Barcelona Away

Hamburger SV Home

Germany Home

England Home

Portugal Home

Italy Home

DC United White

DC United Black

Type VIII - Logo Evolution *NEW*

Buf Sabres

Cin Bengals

Iowa State Cyclones

San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Rock

Oakland Athletics

Oregon Ducks

Type IX *NEW*






Type I


Atlanta Thrashers

Boston Bruins

Calagry Flames

Chicago Black Hawks (1440x900)

Detroit Red Wings

New Jersey Devils

Ottawa Senators

Toronto Maple Leafs


Detroit Tigers

Milwaukee Brewers 1300x975

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Pinstripes)

San Francisco Giants


Miami Dolphins (- Super Bowl logo)

New York Giants

Type II *NEW*

Thrashers I

Rangers I

Sharks I

Panthers I

Devils I

Hurricanes I

Flames I

Flames II

Capitals I

Capitals II

Bruins I

Avalanche I

Avalanche II

Senators I

Sabres I

Sabres II

Sabres III

Sabres IV

Penguins I

Penguins II

Eastern I

Maple Leafs I

Eagles I

Rays I


Lightning I

Lightning II

Canadiens Special Dryden Wallpaper

Flames Special Vernon Wallpaper

Penguins Special Lemieux Wallpaper


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Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs wallpaper please. :D

Btw, in the Sabres wallpaper, the color for the SCF logo is purple, you forgot to make it blue.

Added. Still working on your sig, scarygood30. Just tell me his Number he wears for the USA.


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Can I add to my request? The addition would be to make the Kovalchuk sig smaller like the Miller one instead of big like the Dumont one, cuz I don't really have that much room for it and I don't want to drop anything!

Thanks a lot, KaTo!

Edit: Actually, I'm gonna drop the 'Our year' cuz it definetely wasn't at all!!! :P

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All requests added plus a New York Yankees pinstripes wallpaper. So what do you think? Enjoy!

Any more requests?


Great job on the Brew Crew desktop. But is there any way I could get it resized to 1300x975 without stretching the design out of skew?

Also, just a suggestion... but using a graffiti font like tagster for the team name on the wallpapers might really help drive home the whole "street art" theme. Either way, these are some of the best desktops I've seen here... and that's saying a lot.

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