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Nfl uniform regulations question


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I have been thinking about this for a few days. It started when I realized that the Atlanta Falcons' uniforms seem to be the first uniforms designed specifically for the new culture of mixing and matching jerseys and pants in the NFL. Practically all the teams do it now, as you have all seen. I am convinced that, when designing their new uniforms, the Falcons organization planned on mixing and matching as much as possible (as they have done). The Falcons wear their black jerseys with both white and black pants. They also wear their white jerseys with both black and white pants. They have only worn their red alternates with white pants so far, but Madden 2004 gives you the option of wearing them with the black pants and it can only be a matter of time before they do that as well.

My question is this: I know there is a limit to the # of jerseys an NFL team can have (my understanding is that teams are limited to a home, road, alternate and some get to add a Thanksgiving throwback to those core 3). Is there any limit to the # of different varieties of pants a team can have? I know for a fact that the Falcons wore 3 this year: white with red stripe, white with black stripe (worn only with the red alternate jerseys) and black with red stripe.

Conceivably, if 3 different colors of pants are allowed, a team could wear a different uni combo for over half the games of the season. For example:

Miami Dolphins

(jersey / pants)

teal on white

teal on teal

teal on orange

white on teal

white on white

white on orange

orange on white*

orange on teal*

orange on orange*

*orange jersey could only be worn 2 times, so hopefullt they wouldn't select orange on orange for one of those 2

thanksgiving throwback

Am I wrong somehow, or is this possible?

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<font color='#000000'>i suppose it's possible, but that anyone would do it is a whole 'nother story :;): but are there any teams (other than Atlanta) that has 3 different sets of pants?</font>

<font color='#000080'>Denver did this season, but that was just one time.</font>

Denver has the home white w/ orange stripe, the away white w/ navy blue stripe and the navy blues.

The Titans also have 3 sets of pants (white, navy blue, powder blue).

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