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NHL Playoff Tree Wallpaper


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"you truly are a god amongst men..."

AWESOME...If ottawa wins it all and their logo is in the middle I'll definetely take it...

Question though will the pics of the players just be taken away for the next round or just darker?

I'll change up the player pics for the next round

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Awesome playoff bracket wallpaper.. cool.. will ya do updates for the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final as well?? Let me know so I can have that for desktop wallpaper.. very cool looking wallpaper...

Don't worry there will be updates for every round!

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I know its not your fault, but it bugs me that the eastern teams are on the left (west coast), and the western teams on the right (east coast). I know you were goin with the logo in the middle, so my beef is with the logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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