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1996 nba all-star jersey


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Okay, I've emailed this guy a couple times for a couple reasons. Check his other auctions out and he has "authentics" but they're custom and great quality, but they can't technically be billed "authentic" right?

Here's my main thing, how in the heck did he get this made? I really really really really really want to get one in the size L44, but this guys prices are about as outrageous as M&N especially for not really authentic items. Got a few questions.




1. How'd this get made?

2. Anyone think they could make one?

3. Anyone think they could make one for me? For around $75-$80 as a project or something?

4. Anyone know where I could get stuff to make one myself?

Some other stuff, I posted in request, but decided to add a link to this one, please check it out, it kind of pertains to this subject Request Thread

Thanks for reading.

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Wow Those were hideous thos emay have been the worst ASG unis ever made.

As garish as those uniforms are, I really loved them.  Primarly because I liked the concept behind the jerseys, which basically worked with a motif based on the host city.

They did it 1995 too, which also resulted in unique and neat, if not attractive, results:


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That why nobody shoudl complain about retro becuase retor are better then those any day.

10 years from now these will be considered retro and everyone will want them...  it's a vicious cycle.

Then again, with the recent trends in new MLB uniforms could futuristic and new be coming back???


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Everything repeats. That's how it is. Fashion, music, and yes, uniform styles.

Hopefully some of theb etter retros will stay the way they are, even after the phase goes away...

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Yeah I agree the Giants and Jets uniforms are real nice now going back to their look of the 80s will stink I hate the old Giants hlemets tha said Giants.



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didn't really hate the Giants' LT-era look, but what they have now is an improvement.  i did, however, hate the Jets' pre-98 uniforms, especially when they tried to be like the Cowboys and wore white at home (pre-90)


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Go to http://www.proball.com.au, email them and ask if they will make one for you.  Not sure of their stance on the copyright but they manufactured a replica Raptors jersey with "Bayside" instead of Raptors on the front for me without any problems.

They are Australian but will ship worldwide and would probably be cheaper than what you can get made locally.

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3. Anyone think they could make one for me? For around $75-$80 as a project or something?

I don't think anyone will make them for that price. Recreation of uniforms can be a timely process when done right. I also think that's another problem in today's world. People throw out half-ass jerseys that only slight resemble what they once looked like.

These were really great uniforms but I don't see them working out in today's league. I like the "old school" look of today's All-Star uniforms but I think last years went a little too far. I said this in the past but I felt like I was watching the 1990 All-Star.


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