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Brooklynn Dodgers Hats?


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I wanted to buy an all blue Brooklynn Dodgers hat from MLB.com. I tried a couple monthes ago, it was priced just too much for my giftcard. So I finally got another gift card, but they don't have the hat I want anymore. Instead they have a blue hat with a light blue brim. I looked on Dressed to the Nines and they didn't wear this in 1932 like MLB.com says. Is this just a bad picture? If not, does anyone know what happened to the hat I actually wanted, or if it will be back soon?

Heres the link: 1932 Brooklynn Dodgers Hat

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No idea about the royal blue/light blue, but items on the MLB shop do tend to go in and out of stock.

I'm sure they'll be stocking the classic cap soon enough.

Thanks, I thought it was bizarre that they did have the all royal blue hat. Its a classic. I guess I'll just wait, too bad they have a special going on.

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I cannot stress the glory of this place enough


I would to Mickey's Place or starstruck.com

distantreplays,com has good amount of throwback hats

Yes, distantreplays.com has plently of throwbacks and I have bought 30-40 from there but for some reason they have not carried the 1939-1957 Brooklyn Dodger cap. Recently, they made the misguided turn to carry the American Needle throwbacks which are garbage.

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