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TV Logo Concept


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Hey guys, you might remember that I posted an original version of a logo for my campus tv station not to long ago. Well I have done some revisions to make the transition a little smoother. Here is what we have now . . . www.uatvonline.net

This is the stand-alone circle, used mainly for bugs and various other things.


This is the full version with a slogan that we may or may not use


C&C would be greatly appreciated.

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This looks a little too overdesigned and cluttered for a modern TV logo. The trend in the HDTV era has been towards more simplistic logos. Like it's been said, lose the gradients.

Also, if you have a burgundy circle, then the 14 should be a contrasting color (such as white). Having it black causes it to blend into the background.

Finally, your font doesn't really say "television" to me. You should look towards something that's more "digital."

That said, I think you have a solid template to work from. I just had an idea pop into my head based on the direction you're going in and whipped this up in about 10-15 minutes. I hope I don't offend you by posting this.


I liked how you italicized the 14 to show motion, so I took it a step further and made it off center. I also think that having the same color outline for the circle and the 14 kind of ties everything in together. I didn't know what fon't you used, so I just chose Emblem, which I felt was close enough for this purpose.

I also minimized your "platform" because I thought it was too distracting. I also changed the end to make it slant in the same direction as the 14. Finally, I used Bank Gothic (which is the same font WISN 12 here in Milwaukee uses) for the lettering since it has more of an HDTV feel.

Again, I didn't post this to offend you. I just thought I'd have a dificult time trying to explain what needed to be tweaked without it.

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aha! at last, something inmy field of expertese! its very difficult to read, and will be more so when is a used as a bug/dog.

steer clear of outlines, they will break up as the logo gets smaller and will flicker on teh screen.

i would use the black on white with a brighter red, it will stand out a lot more.

below is a simple vh1 bit we did. very simple and bright colours but works quite well as a little animation and transfers well to the rest of the program branding


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Thanks a lot guys, I will post again after I have made some improvements. And thanks JBPerry, after they accept my bid for joining, I will post these over there as well.

Expect an update by the coming fortnight.

No prob, you're welcome (bow) . btw, if you ever wanna try to find anything of mine just llook for the username Gulf_Broadcasting. (i use that because it's the name of my fantasy television station company)

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