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Minor Update to the New Boston Bruins Logo


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Current Logo


Minor Change


The only thing I did was make it so the B looks like it is part of the spokes, like the old logo.

I know it isn't much of a concept, and looks like the old one but I think it is a little bit better than the old one and the new one.

I'm not the greatest at coloring stuff in photoshop, so judge the concept based on the idea, and not the cleanliness.

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theres not much to say...it's not a huge change, and it's not very noticable unless you point it out.

You may want to use to get some practice using your editing program. There are some straw pixels there that you can see where you edited out the lines. That will come with some practice

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The 'B' stands out more with the black outlines all the way around, along with the added serifs.

The way to go is to modify/modernize a classic logo, so the new fans (and marketing department for merch sales) and the traditionalists both win.

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