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NCAA Tributes Part III


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one question, how are these "tributes"?

'cause they are not the "real" helmet designs, just my take on what would look good for them.....

I could be wrong, but people call these CONCEPTS...

But for some C&C, none of these look particularly good whatsoever, and the Tecmo Bowl Template isn't helping matters.

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Design: great

Template: Words don't even describe how terrible it is.

well, i don't know that id say any of them are "great". I think theres some that would look real bad, plenty of "meh"s and a few that would actually look real nice on a real helmet and a decent template even.

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Why did you recolor the Fordham Ram logo to make it Colorado State's? That would never ever work. Oh, and use a more modern template. It looks like you dug something up from the Atari era.

Stop resurrecting old threads!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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