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NHL Jersey Manufacturers


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when browsing ebay, i've come across different manufacturers for pre-RBK NHL jerseys. some for jerseys that are 10+ yrs old

i assume that only CCM are authentics, the rest are all replicas. is this correct?

is there any difference in quality among different manufacturers? are starter jerseys only "fashion" jerseys?

I've come across:


Mitchell and Ness


can anyone give more info about jerseys made by these companies?

and heres a pic just for kicks. i think its hilarious you can get a jersey customized for the mascot


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CCM/Koho shared for official NHL supplier a few seasons, one was home the other was road jerseys, so both were official. Starter was never an official NHL jersey supplier, so those are all "fashion" replicas.

Not quite, Starter did in fact produce the jerseys for a few teams in the mid-90's, and also made the best replicas during that time (gotta love the double elbows/shoulders).

A quich search here shows that in 1996, the Bruins, Avs, Whalers, Panthers, Kings, Rangers, Coyotes, and Penguins all had Starter on-ice jerseys.

As for quality, like I said i always thought Starter made the best replicas, and Nike made the worst. I know Starter was always the only replica (up until last year) to get the tomahawk "C" logo seriph right on the Hawks jerseys.

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I think Pro Player made the best replicas... Starter's colors and striping were always off, at least for Oilers jerseys.

Those Mitchell & Ness authentics are kind of a joke. The jersey might be authentic to what the guys wore on the ice... but then they sew their logo on them as well as the NHL Vintage logo and cheapen the hell out of it.

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