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Syracuse Football's Confusing Clusterfluff to Continue


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Expect more tweaking of the uniforms in 2008. White will be re-introduced on the numbers of the blue jerseys and down the blue stripe of the orange pants. Gotta have some relief from the color saturation of the home ensemble. That's really why the team wore the white jerseys for the final home game of the season against Cincinnati. The Orange jerseys, which were total duds, are done. Enjoy this look while you can because a full redesign could be coming in 2009. Me, I'd like to see the Orange pull out the 1959 style uniform, especially with The Express coming out this year.


Oy vey. On the one hand, I would like to see a change, if only because the football and basketball teams look like they play in different centuries and the lack of sport-to-sport visual congruity at SU has always bothered me. On the other hand, by the time they do the possible full redesign for 2009, they will have gone though five uniform changes in five years, by my count. That's European soccer territory right there.

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Yeah the current colors used in the uniforms just look really bad together. That orange is really bright, almost neon, and the blue is almost black, and when you put the two colors together with no white for relief it's pretty brutal. And while I'm usually a fan of gray facemasks, this is not a situation where it's beneficial.

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