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Mountain West Conference Hockey


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Hey y'all

Ive had this concept series thought up for quite some time, and I thought Id finally do soemthing about it. I sketched out some hockey concepts of MWC teams during school a while back, and I thought id recreate them on the computer and post them for some C&C. After i'm all finished with the MWC, I'm gona try my shot at some WAC concepts. Well without further due, let's start with Air Force:






UPDATES - MWC Finished. See Below

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I like them. BYU looks nice and simple. Colorado St. would be interesting if you put the Colorado State font of the front and the ram head as shoulder patches. This probably wouldn't work, but their helmets could be like their football, with the ram horns. Not sure if that would look right on a hockey helmet. Air Force looks good, but it looks like something is missing, IMO. Although I probably have no idea what I am talking about. :lol: Overall, good job. They look nice and clean.

Slightly off-topic, Air Force joined the Atlantic Hockey league a few years ago. The only reason they did this is because Army is in it as well. It just feels weird for UConn to be in the same conference as Air Force, though.

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And, my Grandpa's alma mater, TCU



Now, for the horns and bolts on the helets, I was actually really tempted to put horns on the helmet for CSU. But I'm still trying to tinker around with it to see if I can get something to look good. As of now, I'm not too successful.

I actualy did put bolts on the AFA helmets - theyre small, but they are there. Jsut look closely.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think! I should have the last of the MWC done by tommorow, so please check back. I'll also be starting the WAC soon.

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New Mexico and TCU's are ones that I can see them wearing. The NM one is simple, but has some effective striping. TCU's looks good and I like the design on the bottom of the jersey. I think on the purple unis, you should make a white horned frog on the shoulders. SDSU's home jerseys look really good, but I don't like the black ones. They just seem too dark. Overall, your work is pretty good and you should definitely keep this going.

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