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Make Your Own RBK Edge Jerseys


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Flyers logo does not have the black outline when used on the white jersey.

Also, the flyers logo used on the jerseys is not exactly the same as their official logo, as the "wings" have no curves in them.

Also II, the black on the cuffs extends higher than the colored insert (orange on black, white on white.) Not much, but enough to be noticeable.

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Yo dawg, you 's da ****!.

Ok, that was weird, but true. Great work.

I might suggest putting .psds at Mediafire -- no expiration date. Then you will be da COMPLEAT ****!

Ok, I'll stop.

Finally, I heard you traced speedy's template, would you mind putting the template up on Mediafire for the SVG Movement in any and all formats(including SVG of course), since Speedy isn't delivering?

Thanks a million. But for now, these are outstanding if you nail down all the details on the jerseys.

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This is what the bruins font looks like.


That font is tight. Have any idea what font the letters may be? I'd love to have that in my font collection....

'Tis custom my young sir...

Not sure if it's in here under hockey or not.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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