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SC Bern Reebok EDGE Uniforms.


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I'm watching the Rangers vs SC Bern exhibition game from Switzerland and it looks like SC Bern is wearing Reebok EDGE uniforms. From looking at the SC Bern website it appears that they are different from their regular uniforms. They look like the old early 90's Canuck uniforms with the Hurricanes type shoulder. Also they look to be absent advertising. There is one shoulder patch I can't tell if that's an ad or a patch for the event.

EDIT: Just got a good look at the patch. It's a champions hockey league patch so the Bern uniforms have no advertising outside the manufacturing mark

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Yea, they were given these uniforms just for this game. Im sure they will auction them off or something.

Here are their regualr uniforms (or at least I think):


I don't know how someone in their right mind at SC Berne would go to call their hockey team the Flaming Bears. It just sounds stupid....not :P


The CCSLC's resident Geelong Cats fan.

Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. Sounds like something from a Rocky & Bullwinkle story arc.

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I was at the game last night, since I'm a Berne resident and native.

Those Berne Champions Hockey League Uniforms have way more style than their league and sponsor plastered uniforms...

I might be even getting one. upclose pictures should be in the online fanshop soon.

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