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Erie Sea Wolves *UPDATED*


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I have despised Erie's logo since the first time I laid eyes on it... By far the worst logo in the EL....

Here are my new concept logos...


OK, so as per your input, I have tried to shag up the neck a bit... and made the hyena grey... Didn't even bother with the wordmark, not worth it.


VS. The old one....


CC always welcome, let me know what y'all think....

PS - I am aware the wordmark is awful, I hate doing those things....

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This is nice. The one that they have now is pretty bad. If you shorten the waves in the Main Logo, it could read as an "E". Then rotating the "E Wave" could also resemble a "W" for an alternate logo use.

I did try the "E", It looked funny.... I dunno, maybe I should try it again. The"W" just seemed cleaner... I hate wordmarks!!!

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