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Akron Zips basketball


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- Numbers on the back are way too big

- Numbers on the front of the navy and gold jerseys are way too low

(- College players cannot wear #9)

Not a bad concept, a little sloppy in the execution, but that may be more of your program and I'm guessing lack of experience in making concepts, which should mean you'll improve as you make more. Not a bad look, though, that you're trying to convey here.

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interesting...a line of college uniforms named for someone who never went to college

The guy is from Akron though. And on UA's end, this is much more of a connection to Bron than they would've had if he actually did go to college.

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Wow, I love these designs, but there are a couple of things I don't exactly like.

-The logo on the back of the shorts. Kinda made me wonder about that

-The front logo looks a lil' too small.

-The back numbers are HUGE. Tone down on that a bit.

Other than those few mistakes, these are genius.



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