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Wisconsin Badgers concept


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These might look pretty good on the field actually. I think it could do you some good to get rid of either the piping or the sleeves though.

Numbers are way too low on front and back. Also, don't use the full "UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN" wordmark on the front, just looks weird.


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my few critiques:

the side panels and pants stripes should match up.... either 2 on both, or 1 on both. it would look kind of weird on the player, imo. like this ---> ====-----

i agree with the above poster who dosen't like the full UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN wordmark.

also, i'd lose the black from the logo, and just go with the red W. with no black anywhere else in the uniform, it just stands out too much to my eyes.

any are the nameplates supposed to be outlined in contracted piping? if so, i don't approve. and if not, i'd do something about it on the graphical representation.

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First, are the homes legal? I thought white shoulders weren't legal for dark jerseys in college anymore.

These unis don't do much for me. The current look is too generic and poorly done (the arm stripes, particularly), but I don't think this is an improvement. These look too much like something you'd find in a discount sporting goods store, particularly with the contrasting piping. And, as I've said here before, I do not prefer the Michelin Man look.

If you're looking to do something different, take a look at the Akron Zips concept here, and try to imagine it with two colors instead of three.

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