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CRK's NHL Redesign


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Not a bad looking set. I only have a couple of comments. At first galnce I think the stripe behind the logo on the body may be too much since it goes right into the side pannel. But then I think that stripe is traditional Canadiens and shoud be on there. My second comment is the stripes on the sleeves may be a bit to high up on the arm. It looks like if it ties right into the side pannel it would be going up under the players armpit and would be lost. I do like the red alternate to break up the comparison to Toronto. Nice job, looking foreward to who's next.

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First off, the numbers could use an extra border. What I do like is how the road jersey has incorporated alot more red than usual. It just seems appropriate for a team called the Canadiens...or maybe it's because red is favorite color. I love the revolutionary striping style and it's good that the red panels continue down the side of the shorts on both jerseys. It's different, but nothing causes any overkill. Never liked the globe, but for a shoulder patch, it passes. And finally, nice alt.

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