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CRK's NHL Redesign


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Looking through Elliot's redesign thread gave me inspiration to try and do this, so thanks to him for the inspiration. First off I wanted to do a team that was newer to the league and try to give them an identity with the RBK edge. First I went back to the original logo, and replaced all grey with the slate blue they had in the original bug logo. The identity i tried to use was the use of the star. With the thirteen stars in the logo, I thought that stars on the side panel would connect the logo to the uniform. For the alternate, I wanted to bring some class to the team, just your standard classic look but sans white. Enough of me going on about these, have a look for yourself:


C&C welcome

Up next: Florida Panthers

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Florida Panthers: Original, 1st Update

Chicago Blackhawks: Original, 1st Update

Atlanta Thrashers: Original, 1st Update

Pittsburgh Penguins: Original, 1st Update, 2nd Update, 3rd Update

Phoenix Coyotes: Original, 1st Update, 2nd Update

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New York Islanders: Original, 1st Update, 2nd Update

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New York Rangers: Original

Minnesota Wild: Original, 1st Update

Carolina Hurricanes: Original, 1st Update

St. Louis Blues: Original, 1st Update

Calgary Flames: Original

Montreal Canadiens: Original


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First of all, good luck. Second of all, nice work on this. The color scheme is new, and it's cool. I love how the front logo pops (you should make it bigger though). And the way the vertical striping on the sides matches the arms is a nice touch, especially when you look at it from the side. My small amount of criticism for the home/away would be too lose the white inner stripe on the pants. I know that it matches the blue jersey's striping, but if you lose that white part than it matches the red striping on the sides of both jerseys, instead of just the home. I hope you see what I'm saying, I don't know if I worded it right.

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Good work CRK. I myself like the current flag and star logo. Maybe you could use it as a shoulder patch if you don't like it as the main logo. I also like getting rid of the neon green from the original. That was my biggest gripe when they were introduced, that green just looked so out of place, a silver or grey would have looked much better, much like what you have done. Nice job.

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You got the logo right. The CjB logo is the best. The light blue is good. The stars on the sides are good, but they need to be white. Stars = light. The number on the alt is hard to read. and I would slap the hat on the shoulders. Good job.

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Alright, so this is my first edit for Columbus, I really like how it turned out thanks to your comments and suggestions. :grin:



-Used current logo as shoulder logo on Home and Away

-Centered all logos, numbers, and nameplates in more "real-life" locations

-Smaller sleeve numbers

-Shoulder colors and piping centered on jersey

-Removed white stripe from shorts

-Switched the red and light blue on the Alternate to flow with shorts stripes

-White stars now on Away jersey (were blue)

-Rbk and logo now red on pants (was white)

I'll have Florida up tomorrow evening.


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Concept 2: Florida Panthers

In their logos, I removed the dull gold in favor of a brighter shade. I did this to contrast better with the dark blue that is also used. For their jerseys, I went back to when they were an expansion team and used a red jersey for the home jersey. Also, on both the home and away jerseys, I modified there "edge" striping to go all the way around the arms. The stripes on the alternate are suppose to be claw marks, but I can see room for improvement but I can't pinpoint what to do to make it better.


C&C always welcome.

Up next: Chicago Blackhawks


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I'm not sure the panthers players should look like they were mauled by their own mascot. It's clever, but it'd be like if the Washington Bullets had jerseys with bullet holes through them.

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Not a bad set. I think the middle red stripe on the home jersey should be white to make the stripes stand out more. Also I'm not sure about the claw marks on the alternate. If you are looking for a different type maybe try the "Cat Scratch" marks the Cincinnati Bearcats are using on their new uniform pants this year. Other than that I think you have a pretty good look here.

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good work but i think it could benifit from a sholder logo, and also make the sholders different on the road, like get rid of the blue so it matches the home
love flordas alternate, i still think you should make the sholders on the columbus home white though

Feeling indecisive aren't we <_<


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The Panthers home set has too much red. The big red stripe is fine on the white set, but not on the home reds. The striping should be consistent in size on all sets, but it doesn't have to be the exact same colors, you can flip them around.

The alternate is very fun, different, and I like the use of the head logo instead of the full body panther.

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I like where these are going. First of all, the Panthers really need to go back to red sweaters as their primary. They look fantastic with the blue and yellow.

I'm loving the striping pattern you chose and how it stays consistent throughout the home and away sweaters AND the pants. Make the helmet blue instead of red and the home and away are perfect.

I think you're onto something right now with the alternate, but it's not quite working. I like the yellow numbers outlined by red. I would start by losing the shoulder yoke altogether. It seems completely out of place. Maybe try to make the claw marks more dynamic, slanted, more free-form... something. Right now they look like they were pasted on as an afterthought.


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Florida Panthers Update: Thank you all for your comments, keep them coming.


Things that changed:

All Uniforms

-Yellow RBK pant logo

-Red removed from pants


-White/Yellow/Blue Striping

-Blue Helmet


-Red/Yellow/Blue Striping


-Tried to recreate the U of Cincy striping

-Removed Striping on front and back

-Edge styled sock

-Shoulder yokes removed

Chicago should be up tomorrow afternoon or late-night


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