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NFL Week 16 Preview


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Jets 38 Seahawks 20

I hate to say this, but the way the Jets have played on the Pacific coast this year (San Diego, Oakland and San Francisco), I have a feeling they are doomed to mess this one up as well and deny us of an epic Week 17 AFC East showdown against Miami. :down:

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I am very afraid this week. I think the Saints will lose. OTOH, if they go up with nothing to play for and get a solid win, I'll be very encouraged. Sadly, I don't think that's what they're going to do.

The Saints are playing at Detroit huh?...

Hmm, seeing how the Lions have hung tough the last couple weeks against Minnesota and Indy, the 0-16 Dream Season could actually be in danger.

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I really want the Lions to win give the fans in Detroit a nice gift over Christmas i'm sure it will make everyone a bit happier in the Motor City

NO! I want the Lions to go 0-16. Detroit is nothing more then a massive toilet that we should use to take the biggest, most massive dump ever. I lived there, and it was a hellhole then like it is now.

If anything, they should at least pay attention to the Red Wings or the Pistons since, you know, they do win.

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