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Cleveland Browns Uniform Tweak


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I know I am not a design stud, so this is very basic, but I used the paint templates to put together something for the Browns. I really liked the idea the Giants used to garner their current set, by going very basic and creating a very simple, classy uniform. So I took that same mindset and did it for the Browns.


With the helmet, all I changed was made a white facemask and made the brown a little more of a cocoa brwn color, rather than the shade very close to black the Browns use now.


With the home jerseys, I too the idea of the Giants and went with a very basic, solid colored jersey with orange cuffs. I know it doesn't have the stripes like the Browns typically have, but something like this could work for any team with a traditional past like Cleveland. The shade of brown here is also lighter than what the team currently uses.


As for the roadies, I wanted to switch it up a bit. I took the inspiration from the LSU Tigers and came up with this. Again, it hearkens traditionalism without being over the top, and I chose to make it different from the home uni so that i was not a plain white jersey (very boring). The brown is also the new shade of brown.


The pants are pretty much what the team uses now, but instead of the solid brown pants, I went with a striped version instead.

I know it's just Paint, but it was easy to show what I think the Browns need now, as they're in need of something to spark some resurgence. C & C is appreciated.

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As a Browns fan I believe it is time for a change on the field and off. I have seen the uniforms remain relatively the same since 1980 and I am in need of a redesign. I like the Elliott Design located here Cleveland Browns Uniform. As far as off the field the logo of the "dawg" should be the logo used at all times.


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I like the UCLA stripes on the road. They should appear on the home as well. I'd move the number up to the shoulder as opposed to the sleeve.

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