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Ok, so my wife's company was looking for a new logo. I dabbled in graphic design about 8 years ago (specializing in Identity Systems), but hadn't really done anything of this nature in a while. I devised this one up and submitted it anonomously, but it wasn't selected (which sucks because they were paying $500 for it). Anyway, I figured that I'd show it to see if there was something obviously wrong that I am missing or if I just missed the mark on what they wanted:


They also had me do a sample business card (information taken out for obvious reasons):


Here is the website with the logo they ended up choosing (designed by one of their IT guys): http://www.buizss.com/

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Why the one they chose won and his didn't simple. The one they chose show interaction between two partners and ideas being swapped. Progression if you will. His is just a light going on. To that I think, "everyone has a great idea, but is it an idea that will change things and move people?" The name of the company is Business Solutions and not Business Ideas, that's the key.

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yours is a bit over complicated, the colours are a bit close in places and your line widths

differ greatly across the design. it looks quite dated also.

the other guys isnt great, but its certainly has a more modern feel. id have to say that

the 'old lightbulb' gag is a bit thin too. not to say that the arrows are groundbreaking,

but they are at least a little less obvious.

nothing wrong with what youve done particularly, it just doesnt really feel like a company

mark to be honest.

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