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I already posted these over on the UFL-Access website forum, but figured I would get more concrete C&C here.

The first four represent the 4 UFL markets already confirmed:

New York Nightmares: I wanted a Gotham feel to the NY team. Something different from the Giants/Jets, but still very NY.


Orlando Explorers: Someone else on the UFL board came up with a shuttle theme, but used Challengers. I didn't like the reference since that was one of the tragic launches. Also think I could do a 2ndary logo with a Spanish Galleon to connect present with past.


Las Vegas Vipers: I liked the idea of a Hard Rock, tattoo inspired viper, but also one that would connect with the Hispanic population, since a snake is a central image to the Aztec legends of the founding of Mexico City (snake, eagle, cactus).


San Francisco Sea Lions: Wanted to get away from the Niners or Raiders and SF bay has both seals and sea lions. Thought it would be perhaps a little less menacing than many logos, somewhat like the Miami Dolphins. Most feedback I have gotten is that it is perhaps too cute.


Ok, just a few more, these for one of the likely expansion cities, Los Angeles. Two older ideas of mine and a new one which I really like because it would be a totally unique color palette for football.

Los Angeles Stars: An old design, similar to the USFL Express, but with one twist. Helmet and pant stripes would look like film, with frames and sprockets. Perhaps too corney.


Los Angeles Surf: I think I have shown this one before. I love the color combo, just screams SoCal to me.


Orange County Condors: Just thought it sounded better than LA. Could go with California Condors. I originally went with Black and white, with hints of pink, but then the Orange got added, and the two colors seemed to work together.


Like I said, C & C appreciated.

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A few more:

Louisville Steamers: Based off of the USFL Memphis Showboats logo.


Hartford Oaks: I love the name, but I am not happy with the passive quality of either logo.


Memphis Pharoahs: Yes, I did "borrow" heavily from a somewhat unused logo for the Berlin thunder and also the old Arena logo of the LA Cobras (see the asp on the headdress). I have another idea for Memphis anyway, which I will try out soon.


Birmingham Bulldozers: I think construction equipment is a good match for a football team. Why not the piledrivers? bulldozers or wreckers?


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I love the Louisville Steamers and LA Stars ideas. I like the fact you thought outside the box for the Stars' helmet stripe. I don't think I've ever heard of someone thinking of putting film strips as stripes for a LA team. Kudos for that.

I really dislike the Condor's Color scheme, Pink and Orange just don't mix to me, maybe a deep purple?

I was happy to see you not just make a headdress design for the Memphis Paraohs like the old Arena Team had, they were hideous!

The LA Surf remind me of the old USFL's Boston Breaker's helmets.

I think the Hartford Oaks' concept is very old school, which I think fits the city being in the North East, birthplace of Football.

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There's some nice work here. Some are very close to being done, some need a bit more work. My thoughts:

New York: I really like the idea and the colors. The logo has some nice elements, but they need to be pulled together better. The bat-thing's face needs work; I'm having trouble making out what is what. Also, the angle you chose to show him is a bit odd, but it could work better if you change his position relative to the moon/skyline on the helmet. That interaction is off.

Orlando: Again, nice idea and colors. But as with New York, you chose a strange perspective to render. I like the way that the sun and horizon are incorporated (very well done), but there's something static about the head-on view of the shuttle that just doesn't do justice to that machine's speed.

Las Vegas: Very nice. I love the colors and the style of the logo. No complaints on this one at all. Great work.

San Francisco: I like the colors in general, but all three are very soft and unsaturated. I'd like to see one of them (probably the darker blue) be bolder and more saturated. The logo's off to a good start; I like the bubbles a lot. The body shape and the face of the sea lion are well done, but the fins and the tail need work, especially the bottom fin.

LA Stars: Simple logo, but with a little bit of work it could be nice. I like that it's a simple logo on the helmet. However, it lacks depth. Maybe try some highlights on the LA or the star? I'm also not sure how to feel about the film reel for the stripes. I think I'd need to see the whole uniform to decide if it was too over-the-top.

LA Surf: Nice colors. It is a borrowed idea, but stylistically different enough that I don't mind. Good work.

Orange County: Interesting colors. You went with pink (which I shied away from in my Vultures concept), and I think it's fine as long as it's used very conservatively. The primary logo is pretty good, though something about the beak area seems off... The secondary logo is VERY nice.

Louisville: In general, it's good. As you said, it borrows a lot from the Showboats. But it looks good and I have no real complaints.

Hartford: Love the name and colors, and I think you can get away with a simple oak leaf inscribed with an H (no football), if it's done well. I'd start by looking for a new typeface; the one you have doesn't feel right for the name. And I don't think that secondary logo does anything for the package. It's just the Heisman guy and has nothing to do with 'Oaks.'

Memphis: I'm fine with the name, but the logo needs work. I think the idea behind the logo is fine. Having a pharaoh with the headdress set inside a pyramid is nice. But the borrowed work has got to go, because it's obviously cut-and-paste. Do an original rendering. Oh, and lose the random astronomical symbols at the bottom.

Birmingham: No real complaints here. The logo on the helmet looks very nice. And I love the helmet striping. Good job.


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