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Baseball Cap Sigs


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A while back I had a sig series with baseball caps. I created a better template and now I am offering to once again do a baseball cap sig for anyone that is interested. If you want something out of the ordinary, I would appreciate it if you would include a picture for me. I can do as little as one hat per sig and as many as 6. Plus, since this is a new template, C+C is appreciated. Thanks! :-)


I'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence here, but I wanted to include a key so if anyone has a special request, I know exactly what they want. This way, we are all speaking the same language here when it comes to the caps. And for anyone not familiar with baseball caps, I hope you find this helpful.


I won't limit it just to baseball. I'll include all sports at all levels, as long as you give me something to work with in the way of graphics and reference pictures.

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I can't say I would use it as a sig, but I would LOVE to see this hat made. Best hat ever! If you could do thick outline stitching, like here, that would be incredible. (also make the logo size closer to the second image than the first one... I think a little bigger is better) Thanks Jay!


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These are really good.

1 observation:

-the Reds logo should be moved up

I'd like to request one from my favorite team in each division. I promise I'll use it.

-Braves home, the all white logo with red brim

-Brewers throwback alternate, royal with ball-and-glove

-D-backs game, all brick red

-Jays throwback, royal with white front panel (like blitz requested)

-Indians alternate, all navy with curly I logo

-Angels game, all red

In that order please, and thanks (a lot) in advance. Hopefully it's ok that I didn't show pictures, because they are all pretty obvious.

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