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Flagstaff Fighters


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Hey guys, I am back with my latest concept: The Flagstaff Fighters. These are just some logos that I was messing around with and now I am asking for some C+C on this and what i should use the logos for... so any C+C is welcome and yes i do know that it looks a little bit like troys T logo but whateva..

Primary Logo


Wordmark 1


Wordmark 2


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Compared to what you were putting out early on in your tenure here, this is leaps and bounds ahead. But you've still got a ways to go.

The F-knife is too abstract for me. Ts work as knives because that's the basic shape. But I've never seen a knife with the extra blade, like the one you've created, that forms the shape of an F. Good designs need to be based in reality, and I think this is too big of a stretch for me.

Also, there are just way too many outlines going on here. You've got your main object -- be it the knife or the letters -- then green, gray, black, gray, and green. Five outlines looks far too cluttered and really messes it up when looking from a distance. Simplify it and it will be much better.

Watch your letter spacing too, especially when you use the knife as a letter. In the two wordmarks, the letter after the F -- be it an I or an L -- butts right up against the knife, while the rest of the letters have white space in between them. Get some space in between the knife and the letters and make it look more natural. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Simply typing out the name of a team does not a wordmark make. It's just like a logo; it has to be taken as a whole, and design principles must be taken into consideration. The only difference is that the shapes you're working with are letters, not trapezoids and ellipses.

I'm also not keen on the name "Fighters." I know there's the alliteration with Flagstaff and everything, but it's not a very agressive name. It doesn't bear the same weight, I think, as something like "Marauders" or "Warriors." I'm sure you can do better than "Fighters."

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I've got your perfect name right here:

The Flagstaff Finials.

It's got awesome alliteration.

It's awesomely inspiring. No matter how tough things get, the Finials always come out on top.

It's off-the-charts patriotic. What supports the flag is what supports the finial. The two are inextricably linked.

It's got awesome logo potential - Gold Eagle primary, Gold Star secondary.

. . . and, watch your letter spacing.

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