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Fantasy Football Wallpapers


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I've used that font you used for Fort Collins Aquilupas. before... the spacing between the letters is a bit uneven. No big deal really, but if you look at the spacing between I and L and L and U in Aquilupas it looks a bit uneven. You may want to fix that.

Also, nice WRs.

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Just curious, Fort Collins, Colorado?

As for the wallpaper, it's pretty slick. You've got a seam on your field right beneath the "00" that needs fixing, and I'm not sold on the stroke that appears and disappears around the player model (for example, it's real thick on the towel and his arms, but practically non-existant on his jersey - overall it's awkward). Other than those, though, it's a pretty good wallpaper - I've always liked the sports-field green on black combination.

2011 Colorado Rockies | Season from Hell


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You have good quarterbacks and wide recievers but only one two good runningbacks (brandon jacobs and Pierre Thomas)



If you hadn't noticed, Chawls loves his wrestling, whether it be real life or sim. :D


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