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Bengals Concept(s)


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Please keep a few things in mind here:

1) I am not an artist.

2) I only have MS Paint

3) This is the first concept I've ever done

4) I hope the Bengals do NOT change their helmets, but included are two ideas if they did.

check 'em out, give me some feedback....




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My first thought is it looked like maybe a TATC (Turn Ahead the Clock) concept, because it looks very futuristic. With that said, here's a few thoughts:

The helmets: I have often theorized that the Bengals' helmets would look good if they used that beautiful tiger head of theirs on them. I quickly turned on that thought after trying it myself one day. Maybe this is just me, but the tiger head flipped the other way looks extremely bizarre. See for yourself:


Aside from that fact, I'm curious as to why you changed the tiger to a grayscale one, making the eyes orange. He looks sort of like a cyborg tiger, which may add to the "futuristic" feel. I personally don't really care for it, but for the sake of this concept, it's decent.

The B on the helmet I bloody well hope never happens, because I hate that B. It doesn't even really look good on a helmet. And that's not your fault at all; I don't think anyone or anything could help that.

The jerseys: I like the numbers, first off. I think if they were enlarged a bit, maybe stretched a little horizontally and not italicized, they could work very well. All three of these jerseys are a bit like the Broncos because of the chest spike things, but I think I could maybe get past that. I happen to be a fan of that particular style, so long as it's not overused.

My main issue with them is the use of gray. I don't think I have ever seen a case where gray was effective or successful on a jersey as anything other than a very minor highlight. It just doesn't really translate well to fabric, nor does it mix very well with other colors besides maybe black or white, in my opinion. Even on this black jersey, it may look a little awkward. I would recommend toning down the use of gray, or even abolishing it altogether. It seems to kind of sap the life out of the concept.

All that said, I think it's a good concept, it being your first. Like I say, also, this is all my perception and my opinion. So, take it for what it's worth to you. All in all, good work.

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Wow, Nitro, you're right. That bengal logo backwards looks very awkward. Never notived that before. As for the jerseys... ditch the gray, it's not working in the concept. Not bad other than that except the gray scale logo.


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Thanks for the feedback. As for the grayscale tiger head, I tried to replicate a hat that I bought in their gift shop last year. Take me at my word when I say that it looks a lot cooler than what I was able to do because MS Paint doesn't give silver as an option. The silver, gray & white tiger head with orange eyes does look like a cyborg. As for the shoes- I simply forgot to re-touch them with the rest of the black (colors changed a little bit when I converted it to a gif). And I agree on the size of the numbers. The font I picked got me caught in-between sizes it would allow me to fit on the uni. Maybe if I was better with Paint I could've figured out a way to make them bigger.

What would you guys think of their current helmets with these unis, and the tiger stripes in place of the gray on the sides?

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This has nothing to do with smitty's concepts, but it has always bothered me that the Bengals logos are backwards. Both the tiger and the leaping tiger are oriented toward the left, while all helmets and most logos are oriented toward the right. I LOVE the logos, but they just look funny going toward the left. And nitro, that is really weird that the tiger looks that way when inverted. I don't see how it could look any different, but it obviously does.

By the way, I don't like the picture in my avatar because the helmet is facing left, but I couldn't find a link to one facing right that was small enough to not get distorted when used as an avatar.

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