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Minnesota Twins Update


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Ok, the internet I'm access is going in and out, so I'm just gonna go ahead and post what I have done for now. Thanks to Patchez for the AI file of the updated Twins script based off the new signage at Target Field that he posted in their new wordmark thread. With that, I was able to create a "Minnesota" wordmark in the same style. I still need some touch-ups on it, especially with the spacing and such. I've also created an updated 'TC' cap logo. I changed the C from the wishbone to one that matches the T more.

Anyway, here's the new wordmarks and TC logo.


I'm working on uniforms and hopefully will be able to still have access when I'm done so I can post them.

Thanks and, please, any suggestions would be helpful.

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already great!! love how you kept the same look, but kind of fused it together and gave it its own look.

whenever i see the TC logo it just feels like two already made logos (bears, reds) were thrown on top of one another.

Simple. but nevertheless, better than what the actual team can put out. and, thats what we all strive for in our concepts. good jorb!

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Hat logo: Something about it just looks incomplete without the wishbone C. I'm fine with changing it all to one color, but keep the wishbone effect, it looks weird without it to a Twins fan.

Scripts: Amazing good. The Minnesota script matches the new Twins script perfectly and it actually looks good on the jersey too.

Jerseys: Great job on the jerseys. I personally love the road pinstripes, so I would go with version B of the road. The alternate jersey is fantastic. I love the white piping instead of the red piping, it looks so clean now. I would just dump the vest. It doesn't look bad, but the vests have a hard time fitting in in Minnesota.

Overall, I would say I think I would like to see them look like this next year except I would prefer the current cap logo.


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The stroke looks a little awkward on the t in Minnesota and the T in Twins. I like that you ditched the wishbone, I always thought it belonged to the Reds. But the TC looks slightly unbalanced, like it's heavier on the right because the wishbone is gone. I would recommend moving the C a little to the left, or extending the back end of the C somehow. Also, on the vest alt, I think trim around the arm holes would finish that set off. Nothing radical here, but solid nonetheless.

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I love the primary "Minnesota" mark. I did something a lot like that in the past, but you made it cleaner and better.

For reference, this was mine:


I agree with bohob above about the TC looking a little out of balance. That might only be because I'm used to looking at it with the wishbone. Someone not on this board could give you a better impression of that. I do really like the contrasting colors of the interlocking letters, though. It's unique and it doesn't get in the way.

I would leave the numbers off the front of the vest, but I would also not make it a vest. I know they've worn vests recently as alternates, but I've never really been a fan of it for them. On the other hand, I like the TC so much that I want it to just stand alone on the uniform. Maybe you should handle the serifs on the C in the other direction so that they face each other as in the original. That might give the C some more "closure" solve your problem.

That makes me think... the Yankees and Tigers each have two different versions of their iconic monograms, one for cap and one for the jersey. Maybe it would be worth doing two different versions of the TC if you're going to put one on the chest?

I love how clean the non-pinstriped road uniform looks. It's pretty.

Every Fifth Day is a


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