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Armed Forces Concepts


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So, I was watching College Gameday, and they were at the Army vs Air Force game. Watching that got me in the mood for some NCAA concepts. They're all teams I haven't done in my series, so they all count.

18/120 Air Force

Air Force is one of those teams who fell to the Missu football template. I took them in a more classic direction. I went with sleeve stripes, with an Air Force bolt inside them. The helmet has a bolt, with the number under it.


19/120 Army

I'm not a fan of their current jerseys, mostly because of the random grey stripe in between the gold. I put shoulder stripes, instead of high sleeve stripes. I almost went with the camo pants/helmet but I think it wouldn't work for a team with such a long history.


20/120 Navy

For my last one, I took the style of the jerseys they wore for Army-Navy last year. They wore the pants seen on the road jersey. I similar stripes on the sleeve, and socks.


So how did I do? I plan to use that set up for the next few in my total redsign. I'm redoing most of the ones I said would be posted, since I don't really like most of them anymore.


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These look good! For the Navy uniforms; I like adding the Marine blood stripe pants to the set but, I think it should just stay on the pants, don't worry about making a part of the entire set. I'd say to keep the home uniforms similar/same to now and keep what you have currently for the away.

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Having grown up in Colorado Springs, I can tell you that the blue lightning bolt on the Falcons' helmet is rather iconic of the team. Advertisements, stadium signage, pretty much anything Air Force Falcon football-related has that blue lightning bolt with it. Changing it to silver looks fairly good with the set, but...in my opinion it should stay blue. Especially on a white helmet.

Numbers on the helmets are a good idea, but they look a little cramped. Since the bolt is straight, I'm not sure it works as well as, say, the Chargers. I do like the bolts in the stripes and down the pants (though again, blue vs silver), and the blue belt and AF hip logo are solid. I'm not too sure about using the actual Air Force logo as a patch; the whole keeping the actual service and the athletics of its academy separate - if it were me I'd stick with the "Air Force" script.

Overall it is a good look for the Falcons, and I'm being admittedly nitpicky on it. Army and Navy are both very good, I love the inclusion of the maroon/red in Navy's set. For Army, the shoulder striping on the away is perfect, but looks a little awkward on the home - maybe putting a white stripe between the gold ones?

Great work overall, they are all great sets. I just had to nitpick the Falcons a bit :P .

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