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New York Knicks Logo Revamp


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I was scanning thru the NBA logo section when i noticed the lowly Knicks logo was TERRIBLY outdated. Its a great idea, but its trapped in the past. I turned it up a notch, with a lot of black. You dont see much black in the NBA besides the red/black teams (bulls, blazers, heat). I just took out the unneccesary things, and thickened the strokes on the ball. The secondary is the same as the current, but with the colors flipped. The scripts are lifted off of the Primary logo.

I used orange as an accent here, which I will probably also do on the uniforms, which will hopefully be up soon.

Here it is:


Tell me whatcha think


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I agree that the Knicks logo could be simplified, but I think you went overboard. "Knicks" almost gets lost now with the name and background being the same color. I think you shoud bring the orange back into it.

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Not a fan of the increase in black and decrease in orange. You have to remember, blue and orange are the official colors of NYC. Not to mention, they've been a part of the team's history since day 1, minus the few years they went to blue/maroon which everyone hated anyway. I don't have a big thing against black, in fact, I like the way the Knicks use black right now, but there's no need for more of it.

As it pertains to the arrangement of colors on the primary, it definitely doesn't work, regardless of what 3 colors you went with. KNICKS gets lost in the triangle and it now overlaps the ball which just looks weird. The triangle is also way too big, there was no need to increase its size.

It's definitely a difficult job to try and modernize the Knicks logo, especially since the logo itself was a modernization of the previous two logos the organization used. I don't see anything wrong with the primary right now, and the subway token secondary is awesome. I will, however, say I'd like to see an attempt at bringing the Father Knickerbocker logo back into the identity. Maybe that's a route you'd like to go?

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Not a fan of bringing in black as a primary in any case just for the sake of it. Blue and orange can work beautifully together on their own.

As you have it now, the text on the primary gets lost with the background it is placed against.

The wordmarks also look funny to me because while you pulled them from the primary, they just look distorted on their own.

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