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Another Bad Ebay Jersey


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"please email me with any questions"

Excuse me, I have one. Why is the state of Texas UPSIDE DOWN on the shoulder patch. Better yet, why did someone actually bid on it?



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Other than the patch, it's ok. I liked that jersey when they had it.

100,000,000% better than the Star jerseys they have now...

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my high school hockey team has used these as their jerseys for ten years now. I really like them, though I like the blacks better than the whites. On ours the numbers on the homes are black with green trim and on the roads the numbers are green with white trim. Our shoulder patches are white circles with a shamrock and the front says Dublin with a stick making up the L. They are pretty badass and very well done high school jerseys



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i remember seeing that in an NHL preview mag several years ago...and yup, they were apparently gonna sell some replicas like that, with the upside down Texas map. :rolleyes:


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It could just be a mistake jersey. The Bruins Pro Shop sold a few jerseys (can't remember if they were authentic or replica) where the wrong patch was used on the shoulders, and some with the wrong styled numbers on the sleeves.

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