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Flyers concept

Hardman 1

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I like where you're going with these.  As was mentioned a few times already, drop the silver.  Also, that black stripe that runs along the shoulders is a bit weird.  I'd drop it, but you don't have to.  I suggest that the opposite colored sleeve section actually occupy the entire sleeve, not just a middle potion of it.  Make the entire sleeve the other color and add a black stripe at the seem. (Like my Islanders concepts, but use the straight up square shoulder.  Then I think it would look great without being to much like their older jerseys.  Also, I think your white jersey could use some orange some where at the bottom.  Make that black stripe orange and the silver stripe black.

I hate the alternate jersey they have now.  It's not the silver, it the really awful looking sleeves.  A faux fin, especially an upside down one, does not work for them.

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Flyers should dump the alt, bring back the orange dark uniforms and get rid of the black, and they'll be fine.

They still will suck but at least they will look good.

Go Devils!

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