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Tim Tebow Inspires A New Sports Logo


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i think i need some ben gay.

Ben's not gay. He only rapes women



"...and boom goes the dynamite."


If you hadn't noticed, Chawls loves his wrestling, whether it be real life or sim. :D


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Can someone explain to me how this logo is "good" exactly? I think it's irredeemably terrible. I'm usually not one to argue opinions, but if you actually like that logo, I think I have to call your aesthetic judgment into question. :P

Well, you have to take it for what it's worth. If you are judging it in respect to the next expansion team for a professional league, then yeah- it's no good. For something catchy, slightly humorous, and marketable- I say it serves its purpose.

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It'll be a huge hit with the clever bumper sticker/Big Dog Sportswear/Skull-cover-with-light-up-eyes-on-the-trailer-hitch set.

In other words, morons and rednecks.

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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